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Board of Management 

2019 saw the election of a new board of management that will serve on a 4 year term through until November 2023. We are very fortunate to have a wonderfully supportive Board of Managment in Holy Angels who are always supportive to the the development of the childrens learning and providing them with the opportunities they deserve. Our board consists of the following members: 

  1. Ms. Leanne O'Reilly- Chairperson

  2. Mr. Adrian Ormsby- Principal/ Secretary to the Board of Management

  3. Ms. Paula Staunton- Treasurer

  4. Fr. Denis Carney- Patron nominee

  5. Ms. Leonore O'Hora- Teacher nominee

  6. Mr. John Bourke- Community nominee

  7. Mr. Martin Hallinan- Parent Nominee 

  8. Ms. Úna McDonagh- Parent Nominee.

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