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Former Senior Fifth and Sixth class pupils hard at work typing up the Folklore Commission stories of 1939 - available in handwritten form at Dú 

Dú is an amazing repository of stories from the Folklore Commission of 1939. During 1938 and 1939 local history stories were collected by pupils all over Ireland from their grandparents, parents and neighbours. These were compiled by the Folklore Commission and were only recently made available online through dú The stories are scanned showing the original handwriting. 


Holy Angels NS has a total of 69 entries as Clogher NS. The principal at the time Michael Galvin compiled the stories. Some of our previous senior pupils have undertaken the project to type up some of the great stories from 1939 and in so doing learn their own local history as they proceed.

Below is a list of the work completed to date and the Dúchas website link to correspond with the typed story. The pages with links are already online. Others will follow.




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